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04/25/2019 Booking Report for Bulloch County

Booking reports are details of arrests only. All persons below are considered to be innocent until proven otherwise in a court of law.

Mount Vernon Mills in Trion to make denim for new Wrangler jeans

Wrangler has announced a new collection of blue jeans and will feature designs for five state-specific jeans that include, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.  The move by Wrangler will benefit Mount Vernon Mills in Trion, the nation’s largest manufacturer of blue jean material.

6 Georgians indicted in drug conspiracy related to powerful synthetic opioid

Two defendants also under indictment on state charges for murder

The United States exported a record volume of ethanol in 2018 for second consecutive year

U.S. fuel ethanol exports grew nearly 25% in 2018 even though the number of export destinations decreased by half, down to 17 destinations in 2018.

Georgia Power receives Louis C. Brown MD Vanguard Award

The award recognizes individuals and organizations who have made a significant contribution to the health and wellbeing of underserved communities
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